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The project goal

"Duyunov's motors" is a crowdfunding project for the developments of the Russian engineer D.A. Duyunov

Thanks to his technology the company is making the most efficient electric motors in the world.

The prototype models of various motors for electric transport as well as general purpose industrial motors are ready and have already been tested.

The project goal

Construction of the enterprise capable of:

  • Developing electric motors using Duyunov's technology
  • To manufacture own products in pilot

market-ready product is made

Several prototypes of hub motors with the unique patented
winding system "Slavyanka" have been developed that excel all known similar motors.

Duyunov's technology has found application in various fields

Motorcycle vehicles
Electric cars

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A share in the business

Each investor becomes the co-owner of the future enterprise


Lifelong dividends at all development stages

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examples of venture startups

google shares In 1998 David Cheriton believed in two young men: Sergey Brin (our compatriot) and Larry Page and invested $100,000 into their "Google" startup. Now David's share is $1,000,000,000. 10,000 times in 16 years

apple shares In 1976 Ron Wayne, having doubts about the success of his company, sold 10% of his shares for $800 2 weeks after founding the company. Today these shares cost over $50,000,000,000 and the company's name "Apple" is known around the world. 68,749 times in 38 years

alibaba shares Everybody knows that AliExpress is a world famous trading platform and the main rival of Ebay. And it is also the offspring of Alibaba Group. In 2013 the Company's turnout was $7.5 billion, capitalization - $266 billion. And in 2014 the company's shares were launched for IPO on New York Stock Exchange which attracted $21,800,000,000 (instead of the anticipated $1 billion). As of January 26, 2018, the Company's capitalization amounted to $500,000,000,000. 3,849,999 times in 18 years

Our team

2500+ project partners worldwide

Dmitriy Duyunov

Russian development engineer, inventor. The author of the combined winding technology "Slavyanka" for electric motors

Evgeniy Duyunov

Development engineer
of the technology

Sergey Semenov

Head of the project
funding department

Pavel Filippov

Head of advertising and PR department.

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